4 Series | 500 SS cards | Unique editions


At Asa Aircraft we are committed to the health of our planet, which is why all SecretSelves cards have a Nori carbon removal certificate.


Animal Anima

Monster Masquerade


Popular Personalities


Food Freaks


Road Map

We're currently creating the websites, social networks and community on Discord. We'll do contests and set up an allowlist for the launch.


We will launch the private collection to Rarible with the first 50 SecretSelves Club Cards. We will release 5 tokens weekly at a base price of 0.07 ETH. 10 tokens will go to the first 10 owners of SecretSelves (none of the 15 special tokens), one to each of them and the remaining 10 for events, raffles and rewards to the community and moderators.


We'll release a further 125 SSCC and pursue collaborations with similar brands and various artists.

We’ll continue with the giveaways and discounts of up to 50% on special occasions, will invest in marketing and publicity on social media.


We'll release 125 SecretSelves more. We'll host special events and surprises for the community.

We'll keep having giveaways and discounts up to 50% and pursue new utilities for the members of the SecretSelves Club.


We will release 200 SecretSelves. We will continue with events, surprises for the community and open the doors to different possibilities for the growth of the community, such as partnerships with brands, merchandising, among other things.


Our goal is start the develop of the premiere Asa Aircraft video game and start building the SecretSelves Club. 

To achieve this, once the 500-card collection sells out, we'll start developing the game and announce a 2nd collection.

SecretSelves holders will have access to pop-up events, parties, hospitality, discounts and other perks. These benefits for SecretSelves Club members will become greater the more successful Asa Aircraft becomes.


(At the moment)

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Ana A. Asa

Game and Narrative designer

Digital Artist

Music Composer


Sofía Lorenti

Audiovisual artist

Marketing adviser